Thanks MCA!


My husband and I were both thrilled that we knew just where our daughter would be going for pre-k. After only a few short months of our son attending last spring, we knew our daughter would be enrolled for the following school year.

We now are halfway through the school year with our daughter being enrolled full time and we can not say enough about the pre-school. The foundations of both learning and faith are being laid each day. It’s been amazing watching our daughter change and learn so quickly all due to this program. She is learning her letters and numbers and grasping the concepts so quickly along with writing her name all at only four years old. We love hearing the songs she learns while singing at home. Some of the songs my husband and I recognize and are able to chime in with her.

It’s so comforting to know she is thriving and having fun while doing so. She often is not ready to leave when we pick her up as she enjoys her time there.

Thanks MCA! Keep up the amazing work. You all are much appreciated by our family.